Methodology and Importance of Aerospace Connectors Selection

Aerospace connectors selection method

  • To correctly select military aerospace connector, it is necessary to understand the types, specifications, performance, and specific use cases of aerospace connectors produced by various domestic and foreign manufacturers, as well as the quality status of the products and the compliance with technical standards or specifications.

    By familiarizing yourself with the electrical parameters, mechanical parameters, environmental parameters, safety parameters, dimensions, weight, operational and installation methods, and contact, insertion, and locking methods of various aerospace connectors through physical samples, samples, usage manuals, product standards, and agreements, you can analyze the design reliability and manufacturing level of various aerospace connectors.

  • Based on a thorough investigation and study and a large amount of information, select the most appropriate aerospace connector based on the functional requirements of each interconnected part of the aerospace connector.

    Ultimately, through genuine optimization, recognition, and discovery, a batch of products with mature processes, reliable and innovative structures, and stable quality are confirmed and substandard and unstable products are eliminated and removed.

  • After correctly selecting the aerospace connector, it is also necessary to use the aerospace connector correctly. If the aerospace connector is operated incorrectly during installation and maintenance, the contact parts are contaminated by dust, wires or cables are connected incorrectly, or installation errors occur, the aerospace connector may have quality issues and fail.

    According to statistics from a certain aerospace connector manufacturer, the probability of failures caused by improper use accounts for 40% to 50% of the total number of failures. We must take this seriously.

The importance of aerospace connectors

Aerospace connectors are the main basic components that ensure the accurate transmission of electric energy and signals to various electronic devices of the aircraft. With the development of new high-performance combat aircraft and the large-scale application of high-tech electronic equipment and electronic technology on aircraft, military aerospace connectors require structural performance to meet the requirements of high-tech, which plays a crucial role in ensuring the safe and reliable operation of aircraft.

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