Wearable Connectors Tend to be Miniaturization

Motion cameras can be classified as wearable devices because they can be mounted on helmets, worn on wrists or clothing items, and capture spectacular motion videos. This relatively new market is experiencing significant growth, which may be driven by the popularity of social networking sites. On these sites, you can share videos and still images recorded by the motion camera with your friends. However, this is only one of the consumer markets. Professional film and television production, security and monitoring fields are also increasingly using sports cameras.

The design of the motion camera has been evolving. Although video cameras generally record images in the aspect ratio of 16:9, several sports cameras supporting 360-degree video shootings have entered the market. Because this kind of camera uses multiple lenses, the resulting video must be "spliced" together in the software, and some models can now complete this work in the camera. Besides, the video resolution of the motion camera has been steadily improving. Currently, at least one type of motion camera in the market can shoot video with a resolution of 5.2k.

The complexity of the electronic components inside the motion camera is increasing day by day, and it needs to develop towards miniaturization. However, considering the fierce action and severe environment that are usually encountered in use, these electronic components also need to be highly reliable and stable, so the requirements for military style electrical connectors will be higher and higher.

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