The Function And Prospect Of Medical Connector

Connector manufacturers are turning to new materials to meet the special uses that medical devices and machines often experience. Medical grade connector with chrome plated brass housing, this material can withstand repeated disinfection. Other medical connectors are sealed with high-temperature plastic, such as PEEK. Peek is an organic thermoplastic polymer with excellent mechanical and chemical resistance, which can maintain various properties at high temperature. Peek seals can withstand heating, cooling and reheating without degradation, and material manufacturers are now offering a mixture of PEEK and other materials for greater performance benefits.

Adding a low friction coating to the cable also makes the handling, cleaning and disinfection of medical devices easier and smoother.

You might think the operating room is a cool and quiet space, but the reality is quite different. These devices are not only used and sterilized again and again, but also the doctors and nurses in the room are rushing back and forth to operate. The devices may hit the table and other fixed devices in the room.

Since these tools must be sterilized frequently, standard power connectors and cable assemblies are required to withstand the high temperature of high-pressure steam and commercial sterilizers. Silicone does not dry and harden from repeated sterilization, as do many thermoplastics.

PPSU material can achieve longer and more sterilization cycle and high chemical resistance. PPSU is a thermoplastic polymer material, which is famous for its toughness and stability at high temperature. This FDA approved material does not contain BPA chemicals. These connectors are often used in baby care products such as newborn incubators.
BPA is a kind of heterogeneous estrogen, which means it has the characteristics similar to estrogen, which has attracted people's attention on its applicability in some consumer goods and food containers. The European Union and Canada have banned the use of BPA in baby bottles. In recent years, some medical connector suppliers have introduced BPA Free components for medical applications to solve these problems.

Medical device specific connectors use glass or ceramic as an insulator. The use of ceramic / metal sealing technology can prevent the penetration of moisture or gas, which may lead to internal corrosion, degradation of electronic components and equipment failure.

Medical devices are entering a new development space, need to handle more information transmission, and provide better treatment and nursing performance than ever before. The materials used in these machines are constantly evolving to ensure better performance under greater pressure.

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