Brief Introduction Of Flat Cable Connector

It is suitable for connecting straight and bent horn sockets, simple horn sockets and flat crimp sockets with flat cables. The connection is mainly realized by three parts, namely the pin seat, the crimping connector and the cable.

The main needle pitches are 2.54 mm, 2.00 mm, 1.27 mm; double-row form. The projection on the plug and the positioning groove on the needle seat have the function of preventing mis-insertion.

1. Cable selection
The cross-sectional size, toughness and flexibility of the cable should provide sufficient safe current load capacity and strength. Generally, it is not appropriate to use too thin wires.

2. Selection principle
The horn-type flatcable connector has horns, which takes up a lot of space, and the current usage level is generally less than 2A. When selecting, full consideration should be given to the structural requirements.

Simple horns are easy to loose due to the lack of buckle connection, and take up less space, but are not recommended for applications in vibrating environments.
It is recommended to choose a needle seat and plug with anti-insertion device.

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