Descriptions of the Test, Specification and Usage of FPC Connectors

FPC connectors are also known as flexible circuit printed connectors, it is a flexible pcb connector. and the most prominent characteristics are the high cable density, thin and light shape and high transmission speed. The FPC connector with high density and small spacing is the main development direction. It can ensure the current fluency and transmission reliability to the greatest extent in use. It also plays the role of transforming electrical signals into optical signals. Therefore, the market demand is growing.

FPC connectors are widely used in various fields and play an important role in electronic equipment (computers, LCD displays, scanners), mobile equipment (mobile phones, tablets, laptops), printing equipment (printers, copiers), navigation equipment (vehicle GPS navigation)  and medical equipment. Therefore, the FPC connector must be tested before application to ensure that the performance and quality of the FPC connector can meet the standard.

High-current leaf spring micro pin module can be adopted in FPC connector test. The reason is that the high-current leaf spring micro pin module has a strong over-current ability, which can meet the demand of high current transmission by FPC connector test; secondly, for small spacing FPC connectors, the value of high current spring micro pin module can cope with the minimum spacing of 0.15mm, and the connection is stable and continuous; the key point is that the high current leaf spring micro pin module has an average service life of more than 200 thousand times, which can effectively deal with high frequency test of FPC connectors. The high current leaf spring micro pin module can not only improve the testing efficiency, but also reduce the cost.

There are many specifications for FPC connectors, and the number of pins for different types of FPC connectors varies. The connectors are specially different in use. For example, the connection method of FPC connectors can be divided into upper connection, lower connection and double-sided connection, which can be identified by observing the contact surface of metal terminal pin of the FPC connector. The the contact surface of the metal terminal is on the top of the FPC connector if it is the upper connection, while the contact surface of the metal terminal is below the FPC connector if it is the lower connection. In the double-sided connection, the connection mode of front-insertion and back-open supports the connection of upper connection and lower connection. Double-sided connection is mostly used in FPC connectors among these connection modes.

The circuit diagram of FPC connectors is becoming more and more subtle, and its application requirements are also more precise. FPC connectors need to be used skillfully, and there are several points that need special attention:

1. In the use process, insert the pin of the FPC connector slowly at a right angle. Pay attention not to inserting the pin obliquely, so as to avoid that the pin is not connected in place; do not pull or unplug the connection cable at will, which may cause the data exception or data loss of the FPC connector.

2. The FPC connector is composed of multiple pins. Please avoid swaying or shaking the connector in use, because it may cause the offset of the FPC connector connection position and affect the use.

3. Once the pin of the FPC connector is broken or bent, it should be replaced immediately to avoid unnecessary hidden danger. Otherwise, the transmission of FPC connector circuit will be poor, which will cause the short circuit and overburning of the connector.

4. When opening the cover of FPC connector, too much force should be avoided. Overexertion will deform and damage the cover, and it may also lead to the break of connector terminals.

5. In the welding of FPC connectors, it is necessary to pay attention not to adding too much solder in reflow soldering when operating the bonding pad, otherwise, the connector terminal can't be welded stably and insufficient soldering phenomenon may also occur.

Sunkye FPC pcb right angle connectors have the flexible characteristic. As a carrier of current transmission, FPC connectors can play an excellent role in many fields. In addition to paying more attention to the use of FPC connectors, we should master the performance more.

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