Electrical properties and coating of PCB circular connector

Nowadays, the continuous advancement of waterproof connector technology has enabled the industry to develop many new connectors to meet the needs of different groups of people. For this product, its electrical performance is the focus of many people's concerns. Let's introduce some of its main electrical properties.

1. Electrical performance of rectangular waterproof connector

⑴ Contact resistance

This is a very common electrical performance in waterproof connectors. The contact resistance of a high-quality connector should be relatively stable. Generally, its resistance fluctuations can range from a few milliohms to tens of milliohms.

⑵ Insulation resistance of waterproof plug

The insulation resistance of a waterproof rectangular connector is also one of the main indicators of its electrical performance. The insulation resistance can measure the insulation performance between the connector's contact and the shell. According to industry regulations, its insulation range reaches hundreds of megohms to from several hundred to several thousand megaohms.

In addition, rectangular waterproof connectors have other electrical properties, such as reflection coefficient, characteristic impedance, current and so on.

2. What kinds of coatings are available for the rectangular PCB connector?

In different circuits, the types of PCB rectangular connectors used are different. Therefore, when the manufacturer is plating rectangular PCB connectors, they will also treat them differently. Tinned, gold-plated, and copper-plated are several common electroplating methods.

At present, tin plating of rectangular connectors is more common, and the price of tin is relatively cheap, but because the texture of tin is not hard enough, it is easy to cause poor contact and low insertion and less removal times in the connector, and it can only play a role of relatively simple anti-corrosion effect.

Pure tin plating, the working temperature is relatively low, but the use of brass tin plating or bronze tin plating can significantly increase the working temperature, and the working temperature of steel tin plating can even reach 190°C.

If a large number of insertions and removals are required and the contact force is small, then the surface of the rectangular PCB connector needs to be gold-plated, and gold-plated can also improve the corrosion resistance of the product.

Many times people will use nickel as a gold-plated base layer. Some rectangular PCB connectors are plated with silver. Silver has very good conductivity. However, the characteristic of silver is that it is very easy to oxidize. Therefore, rectangular connectors are rarely plated with silver. 

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