Analysis of Technical Parameters of Circular Connectors

1. Rated voltage of circular connector

The voltage rating of the circular connector is to determine the maximum voltage during standard operation. The operating performance of circular connectors is related to the rated voltage.

2. Insulation resistance of circular connectors

The insulating ability of a material is defined as the ability to create the highest possible impedance between adjacent contacts or between contacts and ground.

3. Mechanical life cycle of circular connectors

Define the number of times of insertion and removal (the process of mechanically connecting and disconnecting the circular connector) during which no wear occurs on the contact surfaces and an increase in contact resistance is avoided.

4. Insulation compatibility of circular connectors (air gap and creepage distance)

It defines the minimum air gap (minimum distance between live parts in the air) and minimum creepage distance (minimum distance between live parts on an insulating surface) to avoid electrical flashover. The minimum creepage distance value depends on the insulating material and the degree of pollution.

5. Pollution degree of circular connectors

Contamination level (1-4) defines the amount of contamination (solid, liquid or gaseous impurities) at which the dielectric strength and/or surface resistance is reduced. For industrial applications, the pollution degree is usually 3 conductive, or dry non-conductive pollution. The latter will become conductive through the expected melting.

6. Current load of circular connector

The current load of the circular connector defines the maximum permissible current flowing through all contacts permanently and simultaneously at an ambient temperature of -40°C. The total self-generated heat related to the current and the ambient temperature cannot exceed the upper temperature limit determined by the thermal properties of the material used in the circular connector. The so-called derating curve depicts the relationship between the circular connector current load and the ambient temperature.

In practice, excessive current on a contact is allowed because not all contacts are permanently energized at the maximum rate. You need to test to determine the exact value each time.

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