The Importance of Connectors in Medical Equipment

The design of medical equipment is highly dependent on the efficient underlying electronic interconnection system. Therefore, the design of the connector and the selection of the correct connector are very important.

When designing medical equipment, engineers will face many tests and extremely complex choices that would not occur in other industries. Medical equipment needs to have sufficient durability and reliability, and the use conditions are often very strict. The influencing factors include liquids, disinfection, sterilization, physical interference and electromagnetic interference, and extremely high frequency of insertion and removal.

Such medical devices are highly dependent on the effectiveness of the underlying electronic interconnection system. Custom medical connectors design is an indispensable part of the design process, and choosing the right connector is crucial.

The first consideration for engineers is to decide whether to use off-the-shelf connectors, hybrid versions, or customized solutions. Off-the-shelf products are already on the market and are available in a variety of configurations. The engineering investment and tooling investment required for such products are often low, but the lead time is very long, and the unit cost is also high.

The hybrid version provides customized overmolded features on existing mil spec electrical connectors. Compared with off-the-shelf products, these products have improved performance and aesthetic value. Compared with fully customized connectors, their design and engineering costs are lower, but the lead time is also longer.

Customized solutions are products designed and manufactured for specific customers, equipment or applications. Using custom connectors will make it easier to integrate components or electronic components, as well as add marking or logos. The initial investment in engineering and mold making is generally higher, but, depending on the output, such solutions will be more cost-effective in the long run.

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