Everything You Need to Know: Type C

Recently, Type C highly mentioned by kinds of industries/enterprises, this new interface seems widely respected.

According to Forbes, 'USB Type-C' is the most important technology to hit the tech space in years. With it comes so much speed, convenience, and power that our gadgets will never be the same again. What's more Type-C will launch before the end of the year and mass adoption should begin as soon as early 2015.

Everything you need to know---Type C

(1)Type-A: Standard interface

So what is it? Let's break it all down.

(1)Type-A: Standard interface

Type-A is the original, rectangular type widely used by computers, USB keys, and external drives, almost everything, but has some obvious problems, like has direction request, must connect in a certain direction, but as both sides similar in appearances, users easy to make mistakes when connect.

(2)Micro-B: USB standard for mobile devices

Nowadays most Andriod mobile phones using Micro USB interface( USB Micro-B), until today, it still popular in mobile devices.

(3)USB Type-C: Will be the tendency

Although Type-C is appeared not long, predictably, with the development of USB type technology, it will absolutely a tendency for all future laptops, tablets, or even smartphones, Type-C will everywhere.

Everything you need to know---Type C

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