The Application of Filtering Technology in Electrical Connectors

Sunkye Micro D filter connector with twist pin contacts meets the user's requirements for miniaturization, high reliability, and electromagnetic interference resistance

Nowadays, the application and popularization of information-based electronic technology have increased electromagnetic interference in limited spaces. The increasingly serious electromagnetic interference not only weakens the working performance of electronic devices but also threatens people's health.

Applying filtering technology to electrical connectors can effectively reduce electromagnetic interference.

Electromagnetic interference can have a significant impact on the accuracy, reliability, and stability of information transmission in electronic devices. Improving the electromagnetic compatibility of electronic products has become an important method to overcome electromagnetic interference and enhance the stability of instruments.

Electrical connectors are important components for electrical signal transmission. If some tightly shielded chassis penetrates through the conductors formed by the electrical connectors, the shield will fail. Therefore, the timely application of filtering to electrical connectors is an important way to reduce electromagnetic interference and improve the shielding effect of the chassis.

In terms of suppressing electromagnetic interference, filtering technology has a high degree of effectiveness, especially for EMI signals from switching power supplies, which can play a good role in interference conduction and interference radiation.

EMI filters are also an important way to suppress electromagnetic interference. The common operating frequency of electronic equipment is usually between 10 MHz and 50 MHz.

Sunkye Micro filter connector uses twist pin technology that can effectively suppress EMI and RFI through the comprehensive utilization of grounding, shielding, and filtering methods. The micro rectangular filter connector filters electromagnetic interference at frequencies ranging from 3 MHz to 1 GHz.

Sunkye's filter Micro D connector performance:


Test Results




10Hz~2000Hz 196m/s2

Random vibration

power spectrum density 0.4G2 /Hz, r.m.s value of total acceleration 23.1G


735m/s2 11ms

Rated current


Contact resistance


Insulation resistance




Machine life

200 times

With the miniaturization, complexity, and versatility of precision electronic devices, the problem of electromagnetic interference is becoming increasingly prominent. Micro rectangular filter connectors have a broader application prospect in suppressing interference sources and eliminating interference coupling for device interfaces.

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