Internet of Vehicles and Automatic Driving Greatly Promote the Development of Data Center Connector

The Internet of vehicles and automatic driving are the typical characteristics of the next generation of vehicles. Numerous data generated need to be processed by a huge data center, and there is a new market for electrical connector manufacturers.

The explosive development of automotive electronic products continues to drive the strong growth of connector market. In general, we think that these automotive grade connectors in bad environment can meet the strict requirements of rough roads from wet Florida to cold Finland. But the emerging automotive trend is creating a great opportunity for other types of connectors: data centers.

Interconnection and automatic driving are the leading factors to change the business scope of the automobile industry. The Internet automobile has rapidly become the standard of developed countries. OEM's manufacturers and insurance agencies can get many car data. Automobile manufacturers can use this data to diagnose and monitor the use and quality of electronic systems, which can be used by insurance companies to detect vehicle networks, understand mileage, speed, braking and other parameters, and help them determine insurance rates and claims.

In the long run, the emergence of autonomous vehicles intensifies the data flow of vehicles. Driverless cars will generate megabytes of data per hour. The data will flow to the cloud center, which will process relevant information to help the car drive more safely and effectively.

Big data challenge is a significant change for automakers, which usually have limited ability to do after car distribution. Now manufacturers can continue to serve vehicles through data flow.

Through cloud computing, the characteristics and functions of Internet vehicles are extended. Navigation system and unreliable vehicle speech recognition system can benefit from the super computing application of remote server. The navigation map based on cloud computing is clearer. Many development teams are working to provide high-resolution maps that can help vehicles drive more accurately. Real time cloud data can adjust the road map to avoid projects under construction and congested roads.

Cloud service providers are starting to focus on this emerging market. Some companies are planning to move from several large data centers to small facilities scattered across the country. Placing data centers closer to the cars they serve can reduce latency, which is a key factor for any application related to safety or vehicle navigation.

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