Classification of Connectors

Due to the increasingly diverse structure of connectors, new structures and application fields continue to emerge, and it has become difficult to adapt to trying to solve the classification and naming problems with a fixed model.

1. According to the nature of use

External connector (for external casing), internal connector (for internal casing).

2. According to the level of the connector

  • Level 1. Component to package interconnection (DEVICE TO PACKING): refers to the connection between IC CHIP and pins.
  • Level 2. The interconnection between the package and the substrate (COMPONENT LEAD TO CIRCCUITRY): refers to the connection between COMPONENT and PC board.
  • Level 3. Board to board connection (Board To Board): Refers to the interconnection between the PC board and the PC board.
  • Level 4. Subsystem to Subsystem Connection (SUBASSEMBLY TO SUBASSEMBLY)
  • Level 6. System to system connection (SYSTEM TO SYSTEM).

3. According to the processing method

Crimp Type (Crimp Type), Crimp Type (I.D.CType), also known as puncture type, welding type (SolderType), zero insertion type (Z.I.F Type).

4. According to usage

Wire-to-board connectors, board-to-board connector wires, wire-to-board connectors, sockets, input and output connectors.

5. According to connection types

PCB board connectors, flat cable connector, coaxial cable connector, embedded connector, pinch connector, round connector, angle connector, connector for printed wiring board.

6. According to the structure

General connector, moisture-proof and waterproof connectors marine, environment-resistant connector, airtight connector, fire-resistant connector, water-resistant connector.

7. According to the working frequency

Low frequency and high frequency (with 3MHz as the boundary).

8. From its versatility and related technical standards, connectors can be divided into the following categories (sub-category):

① Low frequency circular connector
② Rectangular connector
③ Printed circuit connector
④ RF connector
⑤ Fiber optic connector

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