Military/Defense Connectors

Military Marine: Submarine Solutions

The harsh environments submarine encounters include extreme hot and cold temperatures and extensive pressure cycling. Water is an excellent conductor of sound (much better than air), and submarines can detect and track comparatively noisy surface ships from long distances. Modern submarines are built with an emphasis on stealth and more tiny interconnect systems.

Marine grade electrical connectors used in submarine and other deep sea applications in military electronic field must bear pressure, temperature change, seawater corrosion and other impacts.

One of the worst environments that military spec electrical connectors must endure is the deep sea. So, Sunkye innovated  waterproof marine electrical connectors used for diving into the deep sea must bear high pressure, while the submarine must bear constant pressure cyczale. Other tests include temperature cycling, seawater corrosion and other different types of impact.

The secondary forming of high reliability cable is also the key of underwater application. On the outboard side of the submarine, the cable assembly connected to the bulkhead connector is usually cable termination and overmolding to the plug. This kind of waterproof marine electrical connectors will bear a lot of pressure, including electrochemistry and so on.