The Development Of D-sub Connectors

The D-Sub connector is called D-subminiature and is a VGA (Video Graphics Adapter) interface. The D-sub connector is named because of its unique D-shaped shield shape. Because it looks like a capital D in a vertical position, it is called D-Sub.

This is an analog signal interface, structural standard, a connector with a different number of interfaces as required. This connector was invented by ITTCannon in the early days of 1952. In terms of technology at the time, this interface was already small, so it was named subminiature. The interface of this connector is divided into plug and socket. Each part of these series of connectors starts with D, followed by another letter (indicating the size of the interface), a number (indicating the number of Pins / female), or the letter "P" or "S" (P is male, S is female).

ITT Cannon has also developed a mini version of the D-sub connector. This miniature D connector is also called "Micro-D" and its length is half that of the D-sub. In the current era of science and technology, D-SUB is considered to be a large connector, but because of its large size and rugged durability, it is also suitable for harsh and harsh environments. This type of connector is also compatible with many older devices. Because of these advantages, D-sub connectors are now widely used in industrial environments such as factories and manufacturing plants.

When this connector was just invented, the D-sub connector was one of the smallest connectors used in computing applications, but after so many years of connector development, it has become synonymous with "huge" in the connector manufacturing industry.

Because the newly developed connector has a small and stylish appearance, and its performance is diverse, and it can be applied to products of various shapes, it has grabbed its limelight, forcing it to slowly shift to other uses.

However, the D-sub connector can withstand so many years of testing. Because the design of the shield cover and the fastening screw can ensure the quality of the high-strength product and improve the durability of the product, the D-sub connector is still in the electrical connector. The world plays a very valuable role.

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