Four Types Of Industrial Electrical Connectors

The connection forms of industrial electrical connectors can be roughly divided into four types, and more types are currently used. Here are four industrial electrical plug types:

Threaded connection
Some types of connections are commonly used for contacts with larger dimensions and the military electrical connector that operate in high vibration environments. This type of connection can be equipped with a fuse to prevent loosening after the connection is completed. The connection is reliable, but the connection is slow.

Bayonet connection
This is a reliable and fast form of connection and disconnection. Most electrical connectors in the form of a card 121 connection have a visual display of proper connection and locking, and can be seen through a small hole on the side of the electrical connector's connection nut.

In-line connector
This is a versatile form of connection. When the plug and military socket of the electrical connector are connected and disconnected, the moving direction is usually a reciprocating linear motion, without twisting and rotating, and only requires a small working space to complete the loading and unloading. Common plug-in connections come in spherical or pin configurations. Because there is no mechanical labor-saving mechanism in the connection form, once it is inserted incorrectly, the mechanical resistance increases significantly and can be found in time.

Electrical connector cabinet connection
As one type of the industrial electrical connectors, it was used on some devices and requires a blind connection near the frame. It can make electrical equipment lighter, smaller, easier to maintain and more reliable.

This type of connection prevents the operator from feeling the connection. It is necessary to design an accurate positioning device to avoid forcibly connecting the wrongly inserted micro electrical connectors together, so that the wrong insertion cannot be performed. Cabinet-type electrical connectors are usually designed with floating or resilient contacts to ensure proper connection.

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