Connectors' Revolution of 1000km off The Earth

Sunkye’s aerospace connectors are designed for work safety and transfer signal correctly in extremely cold and hot temperature, different pressure…etc.

Connectors' Revolution of 1000km off The Earth

Since the governments take more and more steps at space, in some countries, commercial giants join the market and get the value of space exploration. Connector manufacturers also find more and more chances in this booming market. But the aerospace connectors have to face challenges of the harsh application environment.

Connectivity components launched on the rockets will be traveling at high speed with shock and vibration from room temperature to extremely cold, and when facing the sun, then change to extremely high temperature. Also strong radiation all around. Still, the connectors are required to make sure the equipment safety and transfer signals accurately.

However, to save the fuels, the rocket will never develop bigger, which means in the future market, the smaller and lighter connectors should be the first choice. So the consideration of space connectors design should be small, lightweight, and precise. Such as size from MIL-DTL-83513 to MIL-DTL-32139.

The other important consideration is the working temperature we mentioned much time above, the extreme temperature should be -55℃-+125℃. And the design also should be considered the pin and socket will not lose with strongshock and vibration.

Sunkye’s Aerospace Connectors

Another consideration is signal transmission. There are thousands of connectors launched on the rocket, EMI shielding is very necessary to help the signal not go through the various wires from interfering with each other.

Sunkye's Space Grade Connector is designed to work in harsh space environments which are widely used in space shuttles.

Sunkye's Space Grade Micro D Connectors Features:

  • Micro-D connectors for space applications
  • Twist pin contacts, high density interconnection, 1.27mm contact
  • Contacts:9,15,21,31,37, A51,51,69,100pins
  • Product feature: small and light, anti-vibration etc. high performance
  • Meets space applications


Sunkye Space Grade Micro D Connector

Environment temperature range





980m/s2 、6ms

Irradiation resistant

Total dose:1X105Gy

Thermal vacuum outgassing


Magnetic permeability

200 gamma

Sunkye's Space Grade Micro D Connectors

Space is a secret, humans just move a very small step into the space, and secret always attract people. When humans continue to explore deeper into space, connectors will face ever harsher, longer, and more adventurous missions. These days are coming soon.

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