The Importance of Electrical Connectors in Military Application

In military weapons and various electronic systems, connectors are essential basic components & necessary electronic components for energy and signal transmission, electrical connection, disconnection, and switching.

With the increasingly high combat capability requirements of modern military equipment, the electronic development of various weapons and equipment has rapidly developed, and the proportion of electronic components including connectors has also increased significantly. Military connectors are widely used in the field of naval, army, and air force weapons and equipment, such as ships, gunboats, warships, aircraft carriers, tanks, individual soldier systems, combat vehicles, radars, missiles, armored vehicles, helicopters, fighter jets, etc. and plays an important role in electrical connection, the transmission of energy and signals.

Connectors utilized in the field of the military can adapt to various complex and harsh working environment conditions. This requires that the connector must have moisture resistance, high impact and vibration resistance, high and low-temperature resistance, moisture resistant, low air pressure, high air tightness, electromagnetic shielding,anti-sand and anti-dust, etc.; and it should have low and stable contact resistance and low voltage standing wave ratio to ensure that the electrical signal is not interrupted.

Whether it is naval, army, and air force weapons systems, military equipment, and airborne equipment systems, the more complex internal components and the higher degree of integration, the more connectors be used. The failure of any connector contacts in the system may affect the entire system failure, therefore, military connectors are demanding very high quality and reliability.

Military connectors must be designed for reliability, and materials and workmanship must meet military standards. US military standard connectors are widely used internationally. Sunkye is specializing in the manufacture of electrical connectors include high pressure electrical connectors, with a history of more than 60 years, a professional engineering design team, a dust-free production workshop, and an excellent sales team, and is dedicated to providing high-quality professional connectors and customized services. The standard parts Micro D MIL-DTL-83513 and Nano D MIL-DTL-32139 connectors all meet the military standard - the US military standard and the national military standard.

Sunkye’s Micro D and Nano D connector can be utilized in automotive, aviation & aerospace, electrical, energy, marine, medical, industry, satellite communications, and military applications. Their specifications are as below:

Micro D MIL-DTL-83513

Nano D MIL-DTL-32139

Environment Temperature

- 55°C~+125°C

- 55°C~+125°C


10Hz~2000Hz, 196m/s²

10HZ~2000HZ 196m/s²

Random Vibration

Power spectrum density 0.4G²/Hz, r.m.s value of total acceleration 23.1G.

Power spectrum density0.4G²/Hz, r.m.s value of total acceleration 23.1G


735m/s² 11ms


Rated Current



Contact Resistance



Insulation Resistance


≥5000MΩ 100VDC

Dielectric Strength




500 times

200 times

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