Connector — A Big Player in Your Supply Chain

Connectors are essential to powering components that make aircraft equipment work — like engines and more. When tens of thousands of payloads go on a single aircraft, Sunkye connectors become critical players in your overall system.

An aircraft engine is the power component of an aircraft propulsion system.

Whether it is a jet engine or a turboprop engine in aircraft propulsion systems, connectors are indispensable to provide a reliable electrical contact that allows power and signal to flow through a circuit.

To test the durability, stability, impact resistance, and other data, before an engine is officially installed on the aircraft, it undergoes tens of thousands of hours of various complex tests to simulate the various environments that aircraft will encounter during high-altitude flight. Such as all-weather testing, water ingestion testing, ice testing, bird strike testing, blade-off testing, lightning testing, shock and vibration testing, corrosion testing, and other testing in extreme environments.

Both the simulation test that the engine undergoes before being installed on the aircraft and the application environment that the engine experiences after installation, the reliability, and stability of signal transmission are required. Sunkye connectors are available in D38999 III and Arinc 600 options to meet harsh application environments.

Sunkye D38999 series III connectors with size #22, #20, #16, and #12 removable contacts have been developed for the interconnection of communications and avionics equipment in aviation airframe applications, particularly those subject to high shock, high vibration, moisture, and temperature, ensuring that it can perform reliably in extreme conditions of high-altitude flight.


Arinc 600 Series Rack and panel rectangular connectors are commonly used in the aerospace and defense industries. They are designed for removable connections, meaning that insulators and contacts can be removed and replaced with new ones. This is important in critical applications where cost savings and failures can be resolved with less impact. Connector's rugged design, high performance, and ease of use make it an excellent choice for avionics, flight control systems, and communications equipment. With a range of sizes, configurations, and customization options available, it can be tailored to meet the specific needs of any application.

With more than 70 years under our belts, Sunkye manufactures connectors on schedule and in large volumes. So, when you need high-volume, highly qualified connectors, consider us your go-to partner.

Sunkye Connection Technologies provides a wide product portfolio with a complete interconnect solutions offering. Sunkye connectors and cables assemblies are complementary with Sunkye backshells and conduits.