Connectors for Special Applications

For connectors for special needs applications, they must include moisture resistance, heat shrinkage, and welding:

1. Moisture proof connector

The special moisture-proof joint connector is filled with silicone material to help prevent moisture, dust and other debris from entering the connection.

2. Heat shrink joint connector

In heat-shrinkable tubes, heat-shrinking involves melting the lining. When heated, the lining becomes a gelatinous substance, sealing off moisture and dust, and providing an extremely strong adhesive to hold the wires in the military spec connector.

3. Solder joint connector

The solder joint connector contains heat shrinkable and low melting point solder and a protective gland for hermetic connection. These welded joints are unique in that many of these welded joints can often be applied without crimping and can be sealed simply by heating.

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