​Four Powerful Factors Promote The High Development Of Connector Industry In China

1. The rise of intelligent terminal products speeds up the upgrading of products in the consumer electronics industry
Under this background, the wire harness products are developing towards the direction of more durable structure, more environment-friendly materials and faster transmission, which urges manufacturers to continuously increase investment in technology research and development, introduce advanced production and testing equipment, speed up the development and production of new products, and constantly improve the reliability and technical content of products, so as to obtain market excellence in the increasingly fierce market competition. Potential. The leading manufacturers in technology and production capacity can obtain the excess profit when the new products are in the growth period by supporting the research and development of new products, to maintain a large amount of investment in research and development and equipment, and maintain the market advantage position. At the same time, the upgrading of technology content has also raised the entry threshold of the industry, avoided the fierce vicious price competition in the industry, and promoted the industry to embark on the healthy development path of competitive R & D strength and production strength.

2. Growing market demand
Electronic signal transmission adapter is widely used in the fields of intelligent mobile communication, audio-visual equipment, PC, intelligent wearable equipment and various electronic terminal products. In recent years, driven by the strong demand of the terminal consumer market, the industry has maintained rapid development. In particular, the emergence of mobile intelligent terminals has changed people's life and entertainment mode promoted the upgrading of electronic signal transmission adaptation products in technology and market and promoted the rapid development of the electrical connector industry.

3. More types of electronic accessories
There are various kinds of accessories such as data line, mobile power supply, webcam, wireless WiFi, intelligent small appliances, etc., and the market demand is rising rapidly. With the rapid upgrading of smart terminal consumer electronics products such as mobile phones and tablet computers, the product shipment volume has increased rapidly, further driving the demand for computers and electronic accessories around mobile phones. At the same time, with the rise of "post-90s", "Post-00" and other emerging consumer groups, the consumer habits of electronic product users are further diversified and enriched, pursuing more stable and personalized products, putting forward higher requirements for the functions and styles of mobile power supply, connecting wire and other peripheral electronic accessories, and the categories of electronic accessories are more abundant, promoting the market scale of electronic accessories. Keep improving.

4. Support of national industrial policies
Connector industry and upstream and downstream industries are supported by national industrial policies, and the industry has a good development prospect. Informationization is the trend of the world's economic and social development. It has become the basic industrial strategy of our country to promote industrialization and realize leapfrog development. The state has issued many relevant policies to encourage and support the development of new components as a key area of China's electronic information industry, and the industry of electronic signal transmission adaptation products will be greatly developed.

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