Reliable Connector and Cable Are Indispensable for Sensor

The rise of automation and the Internet of things has brought sensors to the forefront of electronic product design.

With the continuous expansion of the Internet of things, more and more products have independent functions, and sensors have become an important part of many electronic products. They capture information or data to make products have certain performance, accuracy and automatic execution functions. Sensors are widely used in everything from transportation to consumer goods to medical diagnosis and treatment equipment. Each sensor relies on a military grade connector and cable connection. In recognition of the indispensable role these components play in modern systems, several connector companies are fine-tuning their products to optimize sensor installation in new designs. More and more connector companies are acquiring sensor companies, and need to bring sensor expertise into the company, while developing new products.

At present, there are many kinds of sensors in the market, which provides enough choices for engineers who need to solve the problems related to sensors. As a part of system integration, sensors bring more chances and challenges to a series of solutions.

In most critical solutions, sensors often require highly reliable milspec connectors. For the user, all technologies seem to be located in the sensor, but generally, any fault in the connector connecting the sensor will affect the function of the sensor, and may cause the sensor to be marked as "bad product". This makes the connector selection in application more important. TT electronics has the ability to provide sensors and connectors individually or as a complete unit and to guarantee the quality of both products. A reliable, robust and efficient connector ensures easier system integration and secure connectivity without compromising data integrity.

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