Several Basic Principles for Selection of Circular Connectors

Circular Connector  is a common device, but many friends often find it difficult to choose the right one. If you can master a few selection principles for  circular connectors  products, then you can quickly find the product that suits your needs. What are these principles? Let's take a look.

Impedance matching of circular connectors

Some signals have strict requirements for impedance. If the impedance does not match, it may cause signal reflection, affecting the actual transmission of the signal.

Structural dimensions of circular connectors

Nowadays, the outer dimensions of circular connector products are very different. If the shape and size do not match, the connector may not fit when purchased. Therefore, when choosing, you need to determine the installation location, use of space, installation method and outer dimensions.

Shielding of circular connectors

Many use cases require shielding, so when selecting circular connectors, not only does the product shell material have requirements, but also needs to have a shielding layer. Connecting the shielding layer and the outer shell can have a shielding effect.

Universality of circular connectors

When selecting  circular connectors , choose universal products as much as possible. Generally speaking, universal products of the same series are better, and universal products can also reduce the risk of shortage in the future.

Anti-mistake plug of circular connectors

Anti-mistake plug mainly manifests in two aspects. One is the abnormal connection caused by the product itself after rotation and misalignment, and then you need to choose anti-mistake plug products. The other is the same type of product used for centralized signals, and then the connection interface type needs to be noted.

When choosing  circular connectors , the quality of the product itself is very important. In addition to mastering the above basic selection principles, it is also necessary to consider the legitimacy of the manufacturer and not choose products without proper certification.

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