Application of Military Electrical Connectors (3)

2. Rectangular Electrical Connector

The connection between stand-alone and stand-alone on military equipment is mostly based on the selection of circular electrical connectors. But there are also parts that use arinc 600 standard rectangular electrical connectors. The rectangular electrical connector is more used for connection between the internal circuit boards of the single machine or between the circuit board and the I/O interface of the single board.

The main features of the new rectangular electrical connector are as follows:

1) Modular
The modularization of military electronic equipment can be quickly repaired and replaced under wartime conditions, changing the shape to improve assembly efficiency and restore the function of weapons and equipment. Modularization can also save space to the greatest extent and achieve multi-functional weaponry. Modular connectors and blind plug connectors are widely used in weaponry. It uses a building block method to minimize the amount of coaxial cable used for system interconnection.

2) Using composite materials
Composite shell connectors use high-strength engineering plastic instead of metal to make the shell, and the surface is metallized, which effectively solves the problem of anti-corrosion of military connectors. Composite high-density nano circular connectors are available in A and B series. A series adopts MIL-C-38999 insulation mounting plate hole arrangement; anti-inclined insertion, with self-locking device, screw connection; working temperature range is -65 ℃ ~ +175 ℃;

With the development of modern electronic technology, more and more information and data are transmitted on military equipment such as aerospace and aviation, and they cannot be compared with the past in terms of capacity and transmission rate. To meet the above requirements without increasing the weight and complexity of the wiring, it is necessary to develop to military Ethernet, which is to connect flight control systems such as aerospace and aviation with a network.

Due to the increasing traffic of information and data, more bandwidth is required. The US F-35 fighter first chose fiber optic transmission technology and used fiber optic connectors in infrared guidance and video surveillance systems. High-speed transmission technology has been applied in the development of many new aerospace and aviation models.

3. Power Connector

The high current connector can satisfy the electrical connection of high voltage and high current. For example, the power system of major military equipment such as submarine fast charging requires high current and custom high voltage connector. The connector is required to be connected conveniently and quickly, with small insertion force and long service life.

4. Special Connectors

There are many types of special connectors. Such as large-scale multi-core shedding electrical connectors for rocket and ground equipment separation in aerospace system engineering, separation electrical connectors for stage separation and star arrow separation, deep-water sealed electrical connectors for submarine launch underwater, use Filter connectors for electromagnetic shielding and anti-interference, and photoelectric hybrid and photoelectric conversion electrical connectors for optical fiber high-speed data transmission.

The reliability requirements of such connectors are particularly high, the technical difficulty is large, and the demand is generally not large, but they are all key products of system engineering.

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