Automotive Connectors Account for the First Place, and Application-oriented Connectors Are the High-end Development Direction

1. The scale of future automobile connectors is considerable

Classified by downstream industries, connectors mainly include automotive, communications, consumer electronics, military, and industrial categories. The scale growth and technological innovation of downstream industries are the main factors driving the growth of the connector market. Among these downstream industries, automotive connectors account for the largest proportion, accounting for 23% of the global connector market; communications follow closely behind.

And with the increase in automotive electronics, and the layout of 4G and 5G networks, automotive and communication connectors will still have a lot of room for development. In the field of consumer electronics, with the development of wearable devices and breakthroughs in VR\AR technology, the scale of future automotive connectors produced by automotive connector manufacturers will also be considerable.

2. Application-oriented automobile connector

According to the technical characteristics of the connector, the connector can be divided into application type and standard type. Among them, application-type connectors mainly include automobile connectors and military connectors.

This type of connector is basically customized on demand, which requires connector manufacturers to have strong design capabilities, and there will never be a situation where several models of consumer electronic connectors have been produced for several years. The connectors customized by the military industry are all high-end small batches.

The production scale of automobile connector is slightly larger than that of military industry, but the requirements for quality and design have not been reduced. For application connectors, rapid design, large-scale and high-quality production are its core competitiveness. In recent years, connector companies have tilted toward the application-type connector market.

Another type of market that accounts for a large proportion is the standard connector. The standard type connector has low technical requirements and a fixed design. One type of connector can usually be used in multiple places and will last for many years. The main competitive point of this type of connector lies in the cost control and quality control under mass production. Therefore, standardized connector manufacturers mainly compete with production line production capacity and management.

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