High Density Connectors Are Widely Used in the Medical Market

The demand for high density connectors is increasing in the medical market. The irreversible trend of connectors in the medical field is that they are smaller, lighter and more ergonomic, which strongly drives demand growth.

High Density Connector

High density connectors are connectors with large numbers of individual contacts such as PIN pins in a relatively small connector body. There is no clear boundary between standard connectors and high-density connectors, but the designation of high-density connectors is usually defined by having more contact points in the same shell size.

The growth demand for high density electrical connectors is driven by many factors, especially the size, weight and function requirements. Component size and weight have long been a key factor in many military and aerospace applications. With the increasing popularity of portable and patient wearable devices, connectors are becoming more and more important in the medical market. By increasing the contact density of the military grade connector, design engineers can improve performance while maintaining the same size and minimizing additional weight.

High-density contact design can also prevent too many pins leading to bulky connectors and difficult operation. Humanized operation is particularly important for medical applications with high requirements, such as patient monitoring and imaging equipment.

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