Connector Error Proofing Method In Automotive Wiring Harness Design

In the process of establishing an error prevention work system in the design of automotive wiring harnesses, it is mainly divided into structure error prevention, component error prevention, color error prevention, and size error prevention. It can combine different requirements to establish a targeted error prevention control system.

1. Structural error prevention

In the process of designing automotive wiring harnesses, in order to effectively comprehensively deal with connectors in adjacent positions, it is necessary to improve the processing effect of automotive power connectors of the same type and different structures in conjunction with the electrical end to ensure that the error prevention effect can be fundamentally improved and the design effect On the basis, it is necessary to control and manage the electrical side of different structures, to improve the connection of the same type as much as possible, and to reduce the types of middle terminals that appear in the production process of the wiring harness.

2. Component error prevention

In order to fundamentally ensure the application effect of automotive connectors, it is necessary to analyze and actually judge the design selection work, and fundamentally improve the basic level of error prevention effects in the design effect.

First, in the process of automotive connector design and selection, it is necessary to combine the electrical end application requirements to ensure that connectors with a certain difference in shape are selected, and a highly compatible mating processing mechanism is established to ensure the effectiveness of the mating control work. . In addition, the shape of the tail must be effectively improved to enhance the practical application value of the overall shape and improve the error prevention effect.

Second, it is necessary to analyze and analyze the self-locking or back cover of the military grade connector, effectively integrate the connector body project, and select a different back cover or self-locking system, and then check the self-locking size parameters, outlet direction parameters and guide grooves Processing, combined with color error prevention can improve the overall error prevention effect.

3. Color error prevention

After the actual automotive wiring harness design work is carried out, the technical department should make overall analysis and judgment based on actual requirements, effectively integrate the color system, rationally improve the intuitive processing mechanism, and hang on the color error prevention. In other words, the designer must supervise and manage the limitations of the design process of parts and automotive connectors, improve the effectiveness of the error prevention work, and comprehensively analyze the color error prevention. Only by ensuring that the color design and marking work meet the requirements for error prevention can the effectiveness of the error prevention effect be improved.

4. Size error prevention

The so-called dimensional error prevention is to comprehensively deal with the parts where error prevention may occur. The relevant designers must determine the branch of the differential function connector, and use the direction of the cable outlet or the buckle to guide and control the fixed parts to improve the reasonableness of the prevention. The combined effect of the wrong effects. The most important thing is that in the ideal size system, it is necessary to constrain and manage the mating of the waterproof automotive connectors and the electrical end to ensure that the connectors can meet the requirements on the basis of consistency, and the overall mating effect can also meet the size prevention Wrong job goal.

5. Docking and error prevention

In order to effectively achieve the goal of automotive wiring harness design, the design process must also monitor and control specific work processes. In particular, some design work that cannot be implemented for shape error prevention, color error prevention, and size error prevention must integrate specific automotive connector design work, improve the comprehensive level of error prevention functions, and lay the foundation for comprehensive optimization of subsequent processing effects. In addition, it is necessary to carry out a comprehensive analysis of the connector in accordance with the basic requirements such as design principles and layout space, improve the operation effect of changing the position, and improve the anti-fault prevention effect.

In addition, in the process of designing the wiring harness, the design department must also centrally manage the banding error prevention, the outlet direction, and the type of fixing to effectively improve the fixing effect, ensure the optimization of application efficiency, and maintain the wiring harness design connector processing effect.

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