The Material of the Connector

Engineers point out that connectors often have different types of conductors, such as copper or steel, and different types of insulators, such as nylon and vinyl. In terms of conductive materials alone, tinned copper is standard. With high conductivity, easy curling and corrosion resistance, it is the natural choice for many applications. However, some high-temperature applications may make better use of nickel-plated steel: although it is more expensive and more ductile, it can withstand the highest temperatures.

The use of nylon insulation in connector manufacturing is more flexible than vinyl, and is generally better at low temperatures, and vinylene will harden or even crack. Another advantage of nylon is that it is usually made of transparent or translucent material, which makes it easy to check the wiring connection. In contrast, vinyl is more suitable for high and low humidity environments because nylon loses its structure and strength under these conditions. But vinyl is opaque and not easy to check.

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