What Are the Waterproof Levels of Circular Connectors?

1. Waterproof levels of PCB circular connectors

From the name, you can know that the shape of the circular connector is cylindrical, and the connection surface is also circular. When the PCB circular connector is connected to the equipment, the waterproof function is very important.

If the environment where the connector is used is cold and humid, the socket of the connector can easily fail to work due to the harsh environment.

Circular electrical connectors can be divided into different levels. Generally, its level is distinguished by IP code, such as IPX, in which X represents the level. If the value of X is larger, the waterproof level is higher, which can be divided into 0 to 8 different levels.

2. The specific level data of the waterproof circular connector

When x=0: there is no protection against water.

When x=1: water droplets can be prevented from entering.

When x=2: when the inclination angle of the circular electrical connector is 16 degrees, water droplets will enter, but it is basically not affected.

When x=3: when the inclination angle of the connector is 65 degrees, the circular connector is sprayed by water, but the equipment is basically not affected and can be used normally.

When x=4: it does not matter even if all liquid is sprayed on the shell of the circular connector.

When x=5: tap water can be used to clean the prototype connector, and there is no damage to the equipment.

When x=6: the waterproof circular connector has a relatively strong waterproof capability.

When x=7: it can be immersed in water for a short time.

When x=8: it is suitable for continuous immersion and can avoid water entering the connector continuously.

The above are the eight waterproof levels of circular electrical connectors. You can choose the waterproof level according to the actual situation of use.

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