Interconnection Level Of Connector

The interconnection of connectors can be divided into five levels according to the functions of internal and external connection of electronic equipment.

① Internal connection of chip package
② IC package pins and PCB connection. Typical PCB D sub connectors IC socket.
③ The connection of printed circuit with wires or printed boards. A typical connector is a printed circuit connector.
④ The connection between the bottom plate and the bottom plate. A typical connector is a cabinet connector.
⑤ Device-to-device connection. Typical products are nano circular connectors.

There is some overlap in levels 3 and 4. Among the five-level connectors, the products with the highest market value are products at the third and third levels, and the products with the fastest growth are products at the third level.

Levels of connector specifications

According to the classification of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), connectors are electromechanical components for electronic equipment, and their specification levels are:
Family (family) example: connector
Sub-family example: circular connector
Type example: YB type circular connector
Example of style: YB3470

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