The Connector Applications Are Everywhere

As an indispensable part of the electronic field, the connector plays an important role in the convenience of human life. Although it is rarely touched by most people, we have to admit that we have used it unconsciously. With the development and progress of electronic technology, the application field of the connector has become more and more extensive In general, let's have a detailed understanding of the application areas of connectors.

There are many kinds of connectors, and different types of connectors will be applied in different fields. In addition to the fields of automobile, computer, mobile phone and other electronic appliances, connectors are also applied in the following five fields:

Industrial automation applications, mainly used for sensors. Because sensors are used in almost all industrial automation fields, various automotive power connectors that meet different performance and installation requirements are needed for different industrial automation application fields, such as field assembly, molding line, panel type, etc.

The military grade connector is also used in machine vision applications. Machine vision is the most industrialized part of computer vision, which is mainly used in factory automation detection and robot industry, among which connector applications and connection schemes are needed.

In the application of rail transit, because the application system of rail transit adopts various automatic equipment with electronic computer processing technology as the core, it is the most important thing to connect these different automatic equipment stably and safely, which also requires that the connector in this field has the characteristics of stable transmission, convenient installation, safe and shockproof.

Besides, connectors are also used in the field of ships. In the application of ship, the connector is mainly used in engine instrument, navigator, fish detector, GPS receiver, autopilot, wind measuring instrument, multimedia display, safety system, sensor, navigation chart plotter, etc.

Oil and gas connectors are mainly used in exploration instruments, drilling and production equipment, geophysical exploration equipment and logging instruments, petrochemical equipment, etc.

The above is the main application fields of the connector. Although the role of the connector is relatively single, its application field is related to all aspects of our life.

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