Wide Application of Connectors for Oil and Gas Pipeline Testing Equipment

1. Application of oil connectors

Electrical connectors are key devices that connect circuits, devices, terminals, and applications together.

With the completion of the West-East Gas Pipeline Project and the development of offshore oil and gas extraction technology, the huge underground underwater pipeline network needs to be inspected and repaired every year to prevent oil and gas leakage and pipeline corrosion. Therefore, the demand of the natural gas pipeline inspection equipment, oil connectors and others has increased dramatically.

In order to meet market demand, SUNKYE introduced special connectors for pipeline inspection equipment.

2. The use effect of circular connectors, etc.

This type of connector includes a series of sealed circular connectors for penetrating cabins, and a series of rectangular cable assemblies for sensors, which can meet the functions of signal transmission and power supply of pipeline detection equipment.

The sealed circular connector for penetrating cabin is used in the oil and gas pipeline and can withstand 140MPa pressure. It has the advantages of high density, high reliability, and good environmental resistance.

SUNKYE is a leading supplier of connectors and system solutions, with a leading Chinese engineering design and manufacturing technology company, which can provide professional technical solutions for pipeline inspection, offshore oil and gas exploration, land oil exploration, land and offshore oil drilling platforms, deep sea operations and other fields.

Sunkye Connection Technologies provides a wide product portfolio with a complete interconnect solutions offering. Sunkye connectors and cables assemblies are complementary with Sunkye backshells and conduits.