Application Of High Voltage Connector In Vehicle System

Connectors for new energy vehicles are a type of connector. They are a type of connectors that have gradually separated from traditional high-voltage and high-current and traditional low-voltage automotive connectors with the development of China's new energy vehicles in recent years.

Compared with traditional high-voltage and high-current connectors, the working conditions of connectors for new energy vehicles are more complex and changeable, and the reliability of the connectors is higher. Compared with traditional low-voltage automotive power connectors, due to the increased voltage level (At present, the voltage of mainstream systems is higher than 300V DC), which increases the risk of electric shock to the human body and requires higher safety of the connector; therefore, the insulation and protection requirements of the product are improved compared to traditional low-voltage plug-ins.

The role of military grade electrical connectors for new energy vehicles is mainly to ensure the high-voltage interconnection system of the entire vehicle, that is, to build a bridge where the internal circuits are blocked or isolated so that current flows.

The composition of military grade connector for new energy vehicles can be generally divided into three parts: auxiliary structures such as housings, seals, insulation parts, and conductive contact pairs. Through the mating and mutual cooperation between the plug sheath and the socket sheath, the functions of connection and conduction can be achieved.

The high-voltage connector is mainly used in the high-voltage and high-current circuits of new energy vehicles. It works with conductive cables at the same time. It transmits the energy of the battery pack to different parts of the vehicle system through different electrical circuits, such as battery packs, motor controllers, DCDC Converters, chargers and other body electrical units.

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