Notes for Welding D Type Connector

In 1982, the first modular d type connector was invented. The concept of d type connector was developed from military connector more than 40 years ago, and then it was widely used in business and military.

Attention should be paid to the welding of d type connectors :

(1) It is suggested that a layer of insulating moulding adhesive paper should be wrapped on the inner die before copper foil is wrapped to prevent the core wire from scalding during welding copper foil or injection.

(2) No cracking or breakage is allowed in the coated copper foil;

(3) If the damaged copper foil is found, the damaged part can be sealed with copper foil, and then the joint between the repaired copper foil and the original copper foil should be welded completely with solder.

(4) After completely wrapping the copper foil, it is not allowed to see the inner mold or core wire exposed from any angle.

(5) Be careful not to burn the core wire of the micro d type connector during welding.

(6)  The phenomenon of solder penetrating into the gap between the inner die and the connector and the phenomenon of solder penetrating into the insulating adhesive paper of the inner die are not allowed.

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