Gold Plated Connectors: The Next Generation Plating Choice

Gold plating is a superior finish for connectors that require high reliability and durability. Sunkye Connectors offer this option, ensuring effective and reliable operation of electrical devices.

The quality of connections, particularly the plating on connectors or contacts, plays a crucial role in the performance and longevity of electrical devices. Improper plating can negatively impact device functionality, while proper electrodeposition is key to ensuring reliable operation.

When it comes to plating electrical components like connectors and contacts, gold is a widely used electroplating process that provides highly reliable and conductive connections. While gold plating can be more expensive, it offers excellent conductivity and corrosion resistance.

Gold-plated connectors are particularly suitable for applications where the contacts will be exposed to corrosive environments. Gold plating provides strong defense against oxidation and corrosion, ensuring high conductivity even in harsh conditions or at elevated temperatures.

In medical applications, gold is an ideal choice for devices such as MRI machines due to its non-magnetic properties. Gold is also highly biocompatible, minimizing the risk of adverse reactions when in contact with skin, tissue, or internal organs. This makes gold-plated connectors beneficial for implants, pacemakers, and stents, reducing the likelihood of post-operative infections.

Moreover, gold's exceptional ductility makes it ideal for contacts, ensuring they can withstand repeated contact cycles. Sunkye offers Twist Pin contacts for their R04A series Micro-D plug connectors (MIL-DTL-83513 compliant) and R06 series Nano-D plug connectors (MIL-DTL-32139 compliant)

The number of mating cycles a connector can endure depends on the material used for the contacts, the plating material, and the plating thickness. For instance, Sunkye rectangular connectors with beryllium copper contacts and 1.27μm gold plating can withstand up to 500 mating cycles.

As a noble metal, gold exhibits strong chemical stability. In addition to applying gold plating to contacts, Sunkye also offers gold plating for connector housings and backshells, further enhancing their reliability and durability.

Overall, gold-plated connectors are an excellent choice for applications that demand high reliability, durability, and corrosion resistance. Sunkye Connectors provide a comprehensive range of gold-plated options to meet various industry requirements.

Sunkye gold-plated products' specific requirements include:

● Improved electrical conductivity
● Better corrosion protection
● Excellent durability and reliability
● High resistance to oxidation
● Superior EMI shielding capability of 50dB min
● Widely used in medical equipment

Sunkye Connection Technologies provides a wide product portfolio with a complete interconnect solutions offering. Sunkye connectors and cables assemblies are complementary with Sunkye backshells and conduits.