U.S. Military Standards in the Connector Industry (1)

With the in-depth promotion of standards and the continuous improvement of production levels, more and more manufacturers can now produce connector products according to US military standards. The following is a brief summary of common standard names in the US military standard:

MIL-HDBK Defense Handbook
This is a guidance document containing standard procedures, technical, engineering or design information, covering materials, processes, practices and methods. Mil-STD-967 covers the content and format of the weapon defense manual, you can take a look if you are interested.

MIL-Spec Defense Specification
This is a document describing the basic technical requirements of purchased materials. With the continuous development of the military industry, it maintains the uniqueness of the industry and has been extensively modified and improved, so there are many versions. MIL-STD-961 covers the content and format of the specification.

MIL-STD Defense Standard
The engineering and technical requirements unified for the uniqueness of the military industry and the process, procedures, practices, and methods that are easy to modify and perfect in subsequent versions. There are five types of defense standards: interface standards, design standard standards, connector manufacturing process standards, standard practice and test method standards. Mil-STD-962 covers the standard content and format.

Mil-PRF Weapon Performance Specification
This is a performance specification that requires verification of product conformity based on the required results, but does not specify a specific method to achieve the desired results. The performance specification defines the functional requirements of the project, the environment in which it must run, and the interface and interchangeable features.

Mil-DTL Weapon Defense Detail Specification
It is a technical specification that specifies design requirements in detail, such as materials, implementation methods, or how to construct such methods. It contains many detailed specifications of performance and requirements. It is considered to be a more detailed specification in the military standard.

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