The Second Generation Circular Military Connector

The basic characteristics of the second-generation circular connector are:

1) There are three types of plug and socket connection: threaded connection, bayonet connection and push-pull connection, but the bayonet connection is the main method.
2) The termination methods of pins, jacks and wires are soldered and crimped.
3) There are two types of jacks: open type and closed type, but the main type is closed type.
4) The minimum working diameter of the male contact (pin) is 1 mm, which is a medium-density electrical connector.
5) The applicable ambient temperature of the electrical connector is -60 ℃ ~ + 150 ℃.
6) There are categories of mil spec electrical connectors such as unsealed, sealed and wall-penetrating; installation methods include square plates and discs, square plates have component sockets and cable sockets, and there are two types of front installation and rear installation; Normal key position and four variable key positions; tail attachments include straight, curved and shielded varieties.

Compared with the first-generation circular electrical connectors, the second-generation circular connectors have the following technological advances:

1) The density of micro electrical connectors increases, that is, the volume and weight decrease relatively. This is a very important consideration for the selection of aerospace and aerospace electrical connectors.

2) The bayonet connection is added to the connection method of the electrical connector. The advantage of threaded connection is high connection reliability, which is suitable for long-term strong vibration environment, but the disadvantage is that the coupling separation speed is slow and the connection is not convenient. The advantage of the bayonet connection is that the connection ring can rotate up to 120o to realize the insertion and separation, which is very convenient. Therefore, the bayonet-connected electrical connector is also called a quick-release electrical connector. Therefore, in addition to the long-term use of screw-connected electrical connectors in a strong vibration environment, the rest often use bayonet-connected electrical connectors.

3) In addition to welding, the termination of the contact piece and the wire is also crimped.

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