Meeting the Challenges of Automotive Electronic Modular Connectivity

In the past, the application of electronic modules to automobiles was relatively simple. Today, a new form of technology is emerging. Vehicle systems are connected to sophisticated electronic devices that drive modularity. With the increase in cabin systems, human-machine interfaces, radars, and cameras, the number of multi-interface printed circuit boards (PCBs) and flexible components is also increasing. These components require connector products to enhance signal integrity and ensure transmission speeds in harsh environments.

The latest trend in the market is the integration of connected sensors, and the need for interconnection has created huge business opportunities for electrical connectors manufacturers.

Trend 1: Human Machine Interface (HMI) connection

More and more applications use interfaces for communication, and most user interfaces have flexible board-to-board (F-to-B) connection points that require flexible printed circuit boards or micro pitch board-to-board connector.

The demand for sensors, microphones, speakers, and cameras is driving increased modularity, which requires more and better flexible printed circuits (FPCs), flexible flat cables (FFCs), board-to-board, and wire-to-board signal connections.

Trend 2: Durability requirements for harsh environments

Flexible components and printed circuit boards are becoming more complex. Harsh environments require higher signal integrity and more stable retention characteristics to withstand shocks and vibrations, which requires more and better flexible printed circuits (FPC), flexible flat cables (FFC), board-to-board and wires Signal connection to the board.
Consider the need for high-performance, durable interconnects early in the development process.

Trend 3: Limited space requires design flexibility

Automotive applications are getting smaller and smaller. The increased modularity limits the space between the connector and other components, requiring more space-matched miniature connector products.

Miniature connectors with multiple contact surfaces and orientations address the design challenges presented by designers with space, location, and connector entry points.

Vehicle electronics now require higher speeds and signal integrity to transmit higher bit-rate data streams.

The key to success in this area is a high-speed solution that supports the signal integrity (SI) required for sensor, camera, human-machine interface, and system communication.

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