Future Development Trend of Military Connector Application and Market

Mil grade connectors are the necessary basic components to form a complete weapon equipment system. Compared with commercial connectors, they are a special and sensitive type of connectors. They have obvious characteristics: strict manufacturing tolerance, strong structure, high reliability, high cost and resistance to harsh environment. Connectors used in military industry traditionally include circular, rectangular, printed circuit board, RF and some special connectors.

The new military revolution gives birth to technology and performance of new military grade connector, and becomes the most important engine to continuously promote the development of high-tech connectors. From the early 1990s to the beginning of the new century, the United States launched four local wars under high-tech conditions, from the "electronic warfare" born in the Gulf War to the "information warfare" in the Kosovo War to the "network-centric warfare" displayed in the Iraq War. They vividly demonstrated the tremendous power of the world's new military transformation. These high-tech wars are supported by a large number of new information and intelligent high-performance weapons and equipment. This new type of military equipment and facilities will inevitably put forward new or higher requirements for the performance of all kinds of components including Mil grade connectors.

The new military revolution sweeping the whole world is driving the major countries of the world to increase their investment in basic R&D or direct purchase of military equipment, which will greatly promote the development of mil grade connectors in the world.

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