Subsea Connector needs a new revolution

The Wet-pluggable underwater connector needs a new revolution
The Deepwater technical- Sunkye Subsea Sealing Connector achieved up to 210MPa
With Sunshine's exploration of deep-water oil and gas resources &underwater production systems have been widely used. One of the main modes of deep-water oil and gas field development.

The underwater connector is located in the last layer of the cross-production management system and the main connection facility of the underwater control system.

The underwater production system includes underwater wellheads, Christmas trees, manifolds, jumpers, underwater control systems, umbilical cables, and subsea pipelines.

Underwater Connector Application

It can realize the connection of the crossover pipe and the Christmas tree, the pipeline terminal (PLE), and other facilities. Therefore, the underwater connector is one of the core key equipment for deepwater oil and gas resource development.

In the early drilling of shallow-water oil and gas fields, the connection of underwater equipment usually adopted a bolt-flange connection system, which relied on divers to complete. With the continuous development of deep-water oil and gas fields, the flange connection system is harder to benefit for the project application, so the Diverless Connection System coming. The non-submersible connection system relies on ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) to complete the connection of underwater connectors. After nearly 100 years of development, the peak period of shallow-water oil and gas exploration and development has passed, and the water storage volume and total volume have gradually shifted to deep water.

At present, more companies have mastered the exploration technology of underwater connectors, and worldwide subsea connector products come from companies with experience in production.

Subsea Connector Application

Internationally, oil and gas resources in sea areas with a water depth of more than 300 meters are generally defined as deep water oil and gas, and those with a water depth of more than 1,500 meters are referred to as ultra-deep water.

From the perspective of development areas, the exploration and development activities of deep-water oil and gas by oil companies are concentrated in the following areas:

The 1st Brazil’s subsalt oil reservoir, which is also a relatively concentrated area of deep-water oil and gas development projects with good economic efficiency;

The second is the "ultra-deepwater area", including the seas of West Africa, the Gulf of Mexico, offshore Brazil, the northwestern shelf of Australia, the eastern Mediterranean, the Bay of Bengal, and the South China Sea;

The third is the deep-water basin group around the Arctic;

The fourth is the deep-water basin group in the western Pacific Ocean.

With the application of new technologies, new equipment, and new materials for oil and gas exploration and development, deepwater oil and gas exploration will inevitably develop in the direction of visualization, digitization, and steep development in the future. Also demanding more stable supply and exploration engineering support. Sunkye Deep Water Sealing Connector Series can work perfectly as oil and gas connectors that can be applied for the project solutions and proposal prototype.

Sunkye Deep Water Sealing Connector

Type: Glass sintering adapter with single contact

Material: high temperature alloy and fluororubber shell, alloy contact, ceramic, glass and rubber  insulator.

Technical Characteristics Of Sunkye Underwater Connector

【Mechanical Performance】

  • Random vibration:10Hz-2000Hz, 0.3G2/Hz, acceleration 20G, 175℃ .4h on direction X, Y, Z.
  • Shock:490m2/s, 11ms
  • Endurance: 500 cycles

【Electrical Performance】

  • Dielectric withstanding voltage: 1000VDC, 60s, leak current≤ 5mA
  • Normal temperature insulate resistance:≥5000MΩ (500VDC,normal-tem.)
  • High temperature insulate resistance: ≥500MΩ (500VDC, 200℃ )
  • Rated current: 1A continuous current

【Environmental Performance】

  • Temperature range: -55℃ to +200℃
  • Operating pressure: 1 MPa to 140MPa
  • High temperature life: 200℃ ,600h
  • Temperature shock: -55℃ to +200℃ , 15 cycles, the temperature switching time is ≤ 15 min
  • Salt spray: 48h
  • Air leak: helium leak test ≤ 1×10-3Pa.cm3/s

  • High temperature high pressure:140 MPa, 200℃ , 10h

Materials Expertise Second to None

  • In-house materials research and development capabilities for elastomers, plastics, and meta
  • Extensive experience with a wide range of materials and products to provide optimal solutions
  • Fully equipped labs enable complete pre-production material and process validation

Rigorous Analysis and Testing

  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to support qualified HPHT solutions
  • In-house testing capabilities for extreme pressures and temperatures and chemical compatibility and rapid gas decompression testing to meet industry standards

Custom-Engineered Solutions

  • Experienced design and applications engineering staff works directly with customers from concept to delivery
  • Comprehensive seal system designs that deliver high-performance and ease of installation
  • Sealing system designs combine various seal geometries with specially developed HPHT materials
  • Robust sealing systems for pressures exceeding 30,000 psi and temperatures in excess of 300℃
  • Only seal solution provider able to offer elastomeric, thermoplastic, metal to metal and high integrity connector,
  • CMM dimensional verification with Real time data collection plus remote monitoring & Logs of temperature and pressure profiles during the testing

Sunkye Connection Technologies provides a wide product portfolio with a complete interconnect solutions offering. Sunkye connectors and cables assemblies are complementary with Sunkye backshells and conduits.