What are Avionics Connectors?

Avionics connectors (also known as aviation plugs) are named for their initial use in aviation. It is widely used in navigation, aerospace, aviation, national defense, military, nuclear industry, electric power and other fields. Magnesium-aluminium alloy and stainless steel are often used in the shell material, which is durable.

From a technical point of view, there are only three basic ways to classify military grade connector categories:

(1)There are threaded connection, clamp (fast) connection, lock connection, push-pull connection and straight insertion connection according to connection mode.

(2) According to shape: circular and rectangular (cross section)

(3) According to working frequency: low frequency and high frequency (bounded by 3MHz).

There are usually three types of technical parameters for aviation electrical connectors:

(1) Electrical Performance: Rated Voltage, Rated Current, Contact Resistance, Voltage Resistance and Insulation Resistance, Shielding, Radio Frequency Anti-interference Attenuation Value

(2) Mechanical properties: contact number and pinhole, installation mode and shape, shell material, insulator, contact, mechanical service life, etc.

(3) Environmental technical performance of avionics connectors: working temperature, working height, vibration, impact, constant acceleration, sealing, anti-salt fog, moisture-proof, anti-mildew performance, etc.

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