The Connector Industry Is Booming

Connector: A bridge for transmitting signals between systems and modules.

1. Connector is the key component of electrical connection or signal transmission

Connectors are essential components for electrical connection or signal transmission between system or complete circuit units. Standard power connectors are a functional element that connects, disconnects, or converts a circuit or optical channel by means of electrical or optical signals and mechanical forces. It is used as an electrical or optical signal connection between devices, components, equipment, and systems. Transmit signals or electromagnetic energy, and keep the system from changing without signal distortion and energy loss.

Optoelectronic connectors are used wherever optical signal connections are required. As one of the basic components necessary for the electrical connection of circuit systems, they have been widely used in aviation, aerospace, military equipment, communications, computers, automobiles, industry, and household appliances. Has now become one of the pillar industries of electronic information basic products.

2. New trends in connector development: high frequency and high speed, wireless transmission, miniaturization, and intelligence

The large-scale use of high-performance military grade electrical connectors is the development trend of the future manufacturing industry. As a bridge for communication within the circuit system, the connector has the characteristics of easy maintenance and easy upgrade, meanwhile, it can simplify the assembly process of electronic products, improve the flexibility of design and production, thereby increasing the degree of automation of the entire system and reducing costs. Therefore, the performance of the connector will affect the operating efficiency and reliability of the entire system. In the future, the diversity, performance and quality of connector products will become important factors in the entire manufacturing upgrade and development process.

Custom industrial connectors are in great demand in more emerging areas. With the rapid development of 5G, Internet of Things, AI, and intelligent driving, the market has put forward new requirements for connector technology.

In communication equipment, connectors carry the task of data connection between terminals. The development of 5G will promote the growth of demand for wireless connectors. In automotive applications, with the continuous advancement of automotive intelligence, in addition to the original engine management system and other devices that require connector data connections, more advanced vehicle entertainment systems, intelligent driving systems, and other connectors have increasingly demanded connectors. Industrially, connectors require stronger reliability and performance. With the construction of the Industrial Internet, more reliable connectors are needed between industrial equipment and networks.

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