A robust GNSS Anti-Jamming connectivity solution to ensure continuous operation in a jammed environment

Miniaturized High-Reliability Interconnection Drives the Advancements of Anti-Jamming Devices. Smaller anti-jamming devices need miniaturized connectors to achieve greater functionality and portability in communication and navigation.

Modern navigation, communication, and electronic warfare systems critically depend on GNSS availability for Position, Navigation, and Timing. Anti-jamming systems enhance resistance against GNSS jamming to ensure the GNSS availability and functionality of GNSS-based navigation, communications, and electronic warfare systems, even in the face of attacks from multiple jamming methods.

When interference occurs, intentional or otherwise, it can render the communication and navigation applications unusable or seriously degrade their functionality. Anti-jamming systems use sophisticated spatial signal processing techniques to shield critical GNSS signals, filter out rogue interference, and mitigate GNSS outages caused by jamming.

GNSS anti-jamming is considered a counter-measure against jamming caused by electromagnetic interference, natural interference, and intentional interference, requiring high-performance interconnects to help transmit signals to the earth's surface.

A reliable anti-jamming connectivity solution would enable the continuous operation of communication and navigation systems in jammed environments. The connector is the most important part of anti-jamming devices. No matter what kind of anti-jamming devices, under the work of transport signals to communication and navigation systems, the connector is a necessary part. Small lightweight miniature connectors are critical to designing devices that support interference immunity.

Sunkye Micro-D connector, a miniature high-speed rectangle connector used for military, aerospace, and other rugged, high-reliability applications, is available in arrangements from 9 to 100 contacts with 1.27mm contact spacing, specifying aluminum alloy shell with nickel, gold, or cadmium plating metal shell with the characteristic of transmitting quickly, reliably and securely. With the development of miniaturization of anti-jamming devices, anti-jamming devices are required to be very lightweight, even as small as less than 100g, and Micro-D connectors (minimum 2.8g) can meet the requirements of small size and high performance.

Sunkye miniature connector’s specifications:


Test Results

Working Temperature


Rated Current


Insulation Resistance

≥5000 MΩ




10 Hz~2000Hz,147m/s²

Mechanical Shock

735m/s² 11ms

Sunkye Connectors perfectly meets these applications’ specific requirements:
☑ small and lightweight
☑ Shorten transmission time
☑ Miniaturization and high density
☑ High density interconnection
☑ high dielectric strength
☑ Minimum maintenance due to highly durable solutions
☑ Reliable anti-jamming connectivity solutions

Sunkye Connection Technologies provides a wide product portfolio with a complete interconnect solutions offering. Sunkye connectors and cables assemblies are complementary with Sunkye backshells and conduits.