The Wiring Installation Method and Use Environment of the Nanocircular Connector

Nano circular connectors are mainly used in the industrial world. The structure of nano circular connectors is cylindrical and the mating surface is circular. It is used for inter-plug connection between devices. It is composed of plugs and sockets. The nano circular connector consists of a shell, a lock sleeve, a reed, a dowel, a pin, a terminal, a waterproof gasket, a dust cover, etc.

1. Wiring method of nano circular connectors

The wire of nano circular connectors should be a multi-stranded silver-plated copper wire with a material hardness similar to that of the crimping part. The tin-plated or nickel-plated wire is generally not suitable for crimping. For wire stripping for crimping The length of the insulation layer meets the requirements of the corresponding crimping parts, and the wire cannot be tinned. The wire after the insulation layer is stripped cannot be scattered and should be kept in the original state.

2. Installation method of nano circular connectors

The diversified installation methods of the lower shell and the panel have met the needs of unused application sites; such as front panel installation, rear panel installation, threaded connection installation, evenly distributed four positioning holes, and evenly distributed four threaded holes. In addition, the upper and lower shells have elbow styles to provide options to meet the needs of corner wiring and insufficient space. 

3. The use environment of nano circular connectors

① Working temperature: -55℃~+150℃;

② Relative humidity: 95% at 40℃;

③ Working height: 30000m;

④ Vibration: frequency 10~2000HZ, acceleration 196 m/s2 (20g);

⑤ Impact: peak acceleration of 980 m/s2 (100g);

⑥ Constant acceleration: 980 m/s2 (100g);

⑦ Air tightness: 50.7KPa through-wall sealed socket; 152KPa with square-disc sealed socket;

⑧ Mechanical life: ≥1000 times.

4. The safety performance of the nano circular connector plug

⑴ Do not choose a plug with a rotatable pin or artificially change the shape of the nano circular connector plug. If the plug socket or the power cord is found to be too hot or sparking, stop using it and replace it.

⑵ Choose regular products and the corresponding products according to the power of the electrical appliances.

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