The Performance Of Automobile Connector

From the purpose of using automotive connectors, in order to ensure better driving of the car, we can divide the reliability of the connector into the tightness of the connector in use, the performance of fire protection, the performance of shielding, and the performance of temperature control.

Generally speaking, when discussing the tightness of automotive power connectors, it does not only refer to the tightness to water. In this area, the current popular international management specification is IP67, and this specification is now the highest level in the automotive industry. Although the requirements for waterproofing are different in different parts of the car, many car manufacturers will choose IP67 to ensure the tightness of the connector of their car.

In the driving of a car, the power source is a very important energy source, which is not only related to the normal work of the engine, but also often involves the use of the power source when people are driving. So in the car's power supply system, mil spec electrical connectors have different divisions. Certain sealing measures can be implemented between the male connector and the device, between the male connector and the cable, between the male and female connector, and between the female connector and the cable.

In the realization of the sealing performance of automotive connectors, the seal ring is a commonly used tool. This tool can not only achieve the effect of fixing between different hole positions, but also the effect of sealing. It can not only ensure the stable operation of automobile equipment, but also ensure the waterproof performance of automobile equipment in work.

In the production of seal rings, silicon rubber is mostly used. This material is made by liquid silicon and solid silicon after certain chemical changes.

Now that electronic circuit technology is an important aspect of the automotive industry. In order to ensure the stable operation of electronic circuit technology, people have applied many shielding technologies in the production of automobiles. These shielding technologies not only play a protective role in the electronic circuit of the car, but also play a role in anti-interference and anti-radiation in the parts of the car. In addition, they can also protect the stable operation of waterproof automotive connectors.

Shielding technology can be divided into two types: internal shielding and external shielding. When using an outer shield to protect an automotive connector, two identical shielding shells are usually assembled together to form a shielding layer, and the length of the shielding layer can cover the length of the entire connector. There is enough locking plate structure to ensure the reliable installation of the shielding layer. In addition, the shielding material used must not only be treated by electroplating, but also be treated to prevent chemical corrosion.

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