A Brief Introduction Of The Application Of Connector And Its Present Situation In China Market

The development of connectors is following the trend of the times. With the increasing use of electronic products, mobile phones, computers, cameras and so on, the requirements for connectors are higher and higher. The connector should not only be small, but also precise and perfect. Only the production of connectors can meet the needs for better development. The future development potential and Prospects of the connector are expected.

Although the connector is not the leading role on the device, it is an important supporting role. IC is like the heart of the device. Connector and cable are the hands and feet of the device. Hands and feet are very important for the full function of the device.

The main supporting fields of the military spec electrical connectors are transportation, communication, network, it, medical treatment, home appliances, etc. the rapid development of product technology levels and the rapid growth of the market in the supporting fields strongly lead the development of connector technology. Up to now, the connector has developed into a series and specialized product with complete product types, rich varieties and specifications, diversified structure types, subdivided professional direction, obvious industry characteristics and standard system specifications.

China has become the largest connector market

With the rapid growth of consumer electronics, automotive electronics, communication terminal markets and the continuous transfer of global connector production capacity to Asia and China, Asia has become the place with the most development potential of connector market, and China will become the market with the fastest growth and the largest capacity of global connector market.

China's micro electrical connectors are mainly medium and low-end, with a low share of high-end connected machines, but the demand growth is fast. At present, the development of connectors in China is in the transition period from production to creation. In the field of high-end connectors, computers and peripherals have the largest market share, and automobile and medical equipment connectors also have a higher market share. The market share of domestic automobile connectors accounts for about 20%, while the rapid popularization of 4G mobile phones makes the demand for high-end connectors grow rapidly.

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