China Cable Connector under the Scene of Flourishing Age

In the market economy, the market is undoubtedly the vane of an enterprise and the decisive factor in the allocation of enterprise resources. Understanding and studying the market is the premise of enterprise operation.

In the past, China's connector industry mainly relied on OEM and imitation, and its awareness of market research was weak. As China enters the transitional period, industrial upgrading is urgent. R&D innovation in the manufacturing industry is the second choice. China has to launch a big data strategy this year because of the need of the situation. The market information will be more detailed, accurate, open and well organized to conduct market information research in the connector manufacturing industry. Market information data of the connector industry will be generated regularly.

Besides, we should do a good job in the development trend of downstream industries and the research of new markets which will be bred by new technologies. These data and information are undoubtedly indispensable for the long-term operation of enterprises and the healthy development of industries. It is necessary to provide market information of the connector industry, guide the healthy development of industry, service connector industry, realize the service of the manufacturing industry, and help the upgrading of the connector industry.

We know that the material has a great influence on product performance. Product performance depends on the structure and material of the product. When driven by miniaturization and widely used in the simulation, the limited space of the product will be used to the limit, or the product structure will be optimized to the limit. In this case, the competition of product performance is the competition of materials, which shows the importance of material research. Especially with the development of nano miniature connectors, the microstructures of materials are obviously changed, and the properties of materials are significantly improved.

These new materials/coatings undoubtedly enrich the design technology of the connector interface and provide more choices for connector interface design.

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