D Sub Connector Introduction

D sub connector, also known as D-sub, is a kind of connector named after its metal shell similar to the letter D. This ubiquitous connector is widely used in many fields ranging from consumer goods to satellite equipment.

The micro D subminiature connector consists of two or more parallel terminals surrounded by a distinctive D-shaped metal shell. This metal shell not only provides the support of mechanical structure but also has the function of shielding electromagnetic interference. There are many ways to connect the system circuit and the terminal in the nano D sub connector, including crimping, solder cup, PCB welding, PCB press in and winding connection. In many cases, the connector is also equipped with a locking system to ensure that it can remain connected under the impact and vibration.

Sometimes it is easy to confuse D sub connector with micro-d connector and SCSI accessory device connector (representative products are HD-50 and HD-68). These products and D sub connector are systems and have obvious differences. D-sub is sometimes referred to as a "rectangular cabinet" connector. The related models that can be heard in the jargon are DB9, DB15, DB25, DB37 and db50, and the number refers to the number of terminal cores of the connector.

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