Future Development Trends of Circular Connectors

Various installation methods of circular connectors

The diversified installation methods of the lower shell and panel can no longer meet the requirements of current application sites. For example, front panel installation, rear panel installation, thread connection installation, evenly distributed four positioning hole installation,

and evenly distributed four threaded hole installation. In addition, both the upper and lower shells have elbow styles to choose from to meet the needs of corner wiring and limited space.

Diversification of specifications and functions of circular connectors

  • The upper shell has two styles with and without electromagnetic shielding to meet the requirements of operating sites sensitive to electromagnetic interference;

  • The connection methods of the pins include axial bolt connection, welding, plug welding, and cold pressing, which can be selected according to the specific site to achieve efficiency and convenience;

  • The number specification of the pins includes 6, 9, 12, 17, and 19, meeting the basic needs of the current market.

The above two circular connectors achieve the same protection requirements

  • The upper and lower shells are connected through the most common M23*1 thread specification on the market, and the plug is supported by a support ring. The method is simple and universal, and can achieve good anti-loose and anti-shock effects under cable binding;

  • There are corresponding sealing rings at the joints of the accessories to seal the plug and achieve an IP67 protection level requirement during use;

  • The plug material uses a flame-retardant and UL94-rated high-temperature insulation material to meet the environmental requirements of construction sites;

  • The consistency of the connection method of the upper and lower shells is designed to use the same installation and removal tool structure for different shells;

  • In addition, special protective covers for the upper and lower shells are designed to enable the upper and lower shells to achieve IP67 protection even without being connected.

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