Structural Analysis of Aerospace Connector

The connector is a very common connection element. There are many types of it. Aerospace connectors belong to a very common category, and they are also called aerospace plugs by industry insiders. Although the connector is often connected by two contacts, male and female ones, the aerospace plug is quite special. Not all aerospace plugs have a male contact, so what is its specific structure?

Generally speaking, the structure of the aerospace connector can be divided into three parts, namely the contact body, the insulator, and the shell, respectively as follows:

1. Contact body of the aerospace connector

It is generally formed by cutting or non-cutting processing. Most of them adopt cylindrical pins and jacks, because the kind of structure is relatively simple with a strong contact, which is suitable for being processed into products of various specifications.

2. Insulator of the aerospace connector

The insulator belongs to the insulating element of the fixed contact body. Its main function is to form electrical insulation between the contacts, and it can also play the role of positioning, guidance and sealing. The structure and materials used in the insulator of the aerospace connector will directly affect its overall mechanical and electrical performance. At present, the common materials of insulator include glass, rubber, plastic and so on.

3. Shell of the aerospace connector

The shell mainly plays a role of fixing the basis and protecting the insulator. Because of the structure of locking, positioning and guiding on it, it can allow the aerospace connector to operate normally. At present, there are many ways to lock the shell, such as buckles, threads, and straight plug self-locking, so as to ensure convenient connection.

It can be seen that the basic structure of the aerospace connector is stable, and a complete product cannot be made if any part is lost, because each part has its own irreplaceable function.

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