Miniaturization Trend of Mil Connectors

Reliability is the primary technical requirement of military connectors. Micro connectors usually work in various harsh environments and meticulous conditions, so only with reliable quality can they reliably connect circuits, transmit information, achieve specific functions, and ensure the reliable operation of rocket and missile engineering systems. Taking aerospace applications as an example, according to the failure rate statistics of American aerospace failure, about 20% - 30% of the failure of 40% components comes from the failure of electrical connectors. Therefore, the quality and reliability of aviation electrical connectors should be placed in the first important position.

Aerospace Electrical Company said that space-grade connectors were the most demanding and once they failed, the losses caused were huge and irreparable. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out a series of screening tests in the identification test or periodic test of space-grade connector products. Because of the particularity of the space environment, not all connectors can be used in the space environment, and not all manufacturers can produce space-grade connectors. It has strict requirements on plant equipment, process, management level and testing equipment.

But at the same time, the most important skill development trend of military connectors is still miniaturization and lightweight. In order to achieve the advantages of light weight and high strength, many connector shell composite materials are made of high-strength engineering plastics. Then metallize the surface to replace the original metal shell.

Moreover, as UAVs play a greater role in military operations, the pressure to reduce volume and weight is also increased. Since flight time depends on how much weight the aircraft carries, the additional payload will face a weight challenge.

Therefore, it is an inevitable trend that the market demand of micro connectors will be increased greatly in the future.

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